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The pandemic has definitely changed the way we do everything from grocery shopping, to where we work, to what we do for entertainment. Since Covid-19, most Americans working from home traded in their former work-attire for sweatpants, PJ’s and comfortable footwear.

More than a year and a half later, as businesses reopen, clothing retailers are experiencing an increase in sales of loose fitting styles like mom jeans, flares, bootcuts, boyfriend jeans as well as sneakers, flats, and loafers. This makes perfect sense when you consider the mental and physical toll on Americans these last 20 months.

If you haven’t already used the months of isolation to throw away or donate your outdated or ill-fitting clothes, now would be a good time to do just that.  According to a survey for Nutrisystem, 76 % of Americans gained as much as 16 pounds between March and July. Yes, the “Covid 15” is real.

While fluctuations in weight may influence your style of dress (and size), it’s important to buy clothing and accessories that make you feel happy and confident. As the old adage (1523) says, ‘clothes make the man.’ Or as my former headhunter would say ‘people are judged by the way they dress.’

Whether you are choosing an outfit for work, to wear to a concert, or just to the grocery store, here’s a few staples every woman should have in their wardrobe.

Fall Fashion Trends

While loose fitting dresses, tops, and slacks have increased in popularity this year, skinny jeans, a slim-fit tee, and a tailored blazer never go out of style. Besides being able to transition from office to evening wear, these three classic garments can be easily mixed and matched with other clothing pieces. 

For those who prefer a traditional business suit, style experts favor deep shades of green, brown, burgundy, and solid blue suits instead of gray, black and navy pinstripes. 

Of course, no ensemble is complete without the right pair of shoes. So, if the thought of wearing heels all day makes you gag, try a tapered loafer flat for a classic look. Other footwear trends include an embossed croc style, chubby loafers and a sturdy silhouette with grippy rubber bottoms. If you are determined to wear a high heel, check out the LifeStride Hudson Penny Loafer which is similar to Gucci and Ferragamo styles but at a much lower price point. Naturalizers also have comfortable but stylish shoes and a variety of sizes for narrow and wide feet.

Cardigan Season

A cozy cardigan is yet another must-have in any wardrobe. Unlike the sweater, they offer more flexibility and are the perfect layering piece for transitioning from early fall to more chilly days. Plus, the versatile cardigan can be worn in place of a jacket or coat while creating a focal point for any outfit. 

Timeless Jewelry 

Once you have curated your fall wardrobe and have something to wear for any occasion, it’s time to check out your jewelry. Each piece of jewelry worn should compliment and not compete with your outfit.  For example, a single string of pearls always looks great with a little black dress.

So why do so many women keep drawers full of jewelry even if they’ve only worn it once? Chances are the pieces were gifts or it was bought to compliment a single outfit. To avoid this mistake, stick with timeless pieces and one’s that can work with multiple outfits.

Lastly, taking inventory of your wardrobe and clothes shopping, whether in-store or online, can be overwhelming and an emotional experience. Particularly for women who only see what they dislike about their bodies. The truth is, when you wear clothes that fit your body type, style preferences, and compliment your skin and hair color, you will look your absolute best.  

Have more questions about what to wear or where to find the best clothes and accessories online? Check out our website at www.reneesboutiquellc.com and click the link for a personal styling consultation.

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