Renee’s Boutique Styling Services


It’s time to own your style! Invest in YOU. Take time for you. We cannot pour from an empty cup and the best way to enhance your confidence and feel comfortable in our own skin is loving the way you look and feel in the clothes you wear. Majority of people only utilize 20% of their wardrobe. That means 80% of your investment in your wardrobe is sitting dormant. When you understand what garments and accessories flatter your body type, personality and lifestyle you will get the best value out of your wardrobe. We live in a very busy and chaotic world. Allow me to give you peace of mind when it comes to your style. Book your styling session today.  


What is a styling session?

Price 249.00

A styling session is an allotted time for your stylist to understand your shopping habits, your wardrobe pain points, physical or emotional challenges when it comes to style, and your goals and aspirations for your style.

Session Includes: 

- Full Body Measurements

- Defining your color palette through various techniques to bring warmth to your skin and undertones.

- Facial Analysis to determine the best accessories and jewelry to flatter your bone structure.

Specific to women:

- Bra and Shapewear fittings

- A style summary that provides recommendations and a look book of styles and accessories to create a capsule wardrobe.

Be prepared to invest approximately 90 to 120 minutes on this first session.

It will be a fun consultation that will set you up for style success. Allow me to be your secret style weapon! I’ll take the stress and guess work away so you can keep your focus on what’s important and live your life stylishly.





 Personal Brand Styling - $149

Designed for the person who needs outfits for their upcoming branding shoot. It’s important to look your best whether it’s for branding photos, email newsletters, speaking engagements, live appearances, magazine articles, social media content or headshots. As your personal stylist, I’ll do the prep work for you by styling 2-4 head-to-toe looks for your photos using pieces from your wardrobe. With this service, you’ll have the confidence of knowing your outfits visually represent you and your brand impeccably as well as flatter your figure and suit your personal style for your branding shoot. Highly suggest booking this service 30 days in advance of your shoot.





Outfit Planning - $249

Designed for the person who has a closet full of great pieces but doesn’t know how to put it all together to create fabulous outfits. In this package, I’ll plan and style up to 10 outfits of head-to-toe, fresh and fabulous outfits. We will put these outfits into your personal digital  look book that you can refer to when getting dressed. The beauty of having your own style look book will make getting dressed a breeze; no more looking in your closet and feeling frustrated with what to wear. You’ll simply pick the look you want, get dressed and voila, you’re ready! This is what your morning routine is missing, you need an outfit planner to look stylish and get ready fast for your week! This outfit planning session is all about you! Think of it as your runway moment to get all dressed up, pose and feel fierce in your new outfits! 





Personal Shopping - $199

Designed for the person who is short on time or hates shopping. Whether you need a mini resort wardrobe for your upcoming vacation or you need some new pieces to spark some life back into your wardrobe, I’ll take care of your shopping needs!

I shop for you virtually and you’ll receive a digital shopping look book with up to 8 styles to flatter your body type. This includes a brief questionnaire that takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes to understand your needs and wants in style choices. If you purchase items that are already in stock here at Renee’s Boutique $25 of your service charge will be credited to your purchase. Any items selected outside of Renee’s Boutique you will need to try on the items as soon as received and adhere to return policies of the stores purchased for exchanges.





Bra Fittings - $49


Proper-fitting bras can help women feel more confident, reduce premature breast sagging, reduce the deep creases and bulges around the chest, and prevent issues in the future. Research has shown that the majority of women are wearing the wrong bra size, which can lead to a variety of problems. As a woman that is curvy with a large bust, getting the perfect bra fit is essential for my life. I personally benefited from wearing the correct fit of a bra. 

In 2018, my husband and I were in a bad car accident and I was six weeks pregnant at the time. The soft tissue issues I incurred from the accident along with my changing pregnant body was a very physically challenging time. However, my female doctors and therapists commented several times that the pain could be more severe if I did not wear the proper bra and undergarments to accommodate the weak areas of my body at the time. 

Wearing a good bra makes a difference ladies and I want to assist you in having the proper fit and styles that you’ll feel great in. Having the right foundation of undergarments is essential to any style you wear. This 30 minute consultation will consist of measuring to find your cup and band size. I’ll also provide a look book of different styles, colors and descriptions of bras for you to choose from. I use two family owned vendors for my bra line and have access to order sizes 30 A up to 54 O. Regardless of your style or size Renee’s Has You Covered!