Infinity Belt

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The Infinity Belt is primarily designed to make you comfortable about your clothes and your body. A belt is supposed to make you look good, not self-conscious. If you’ve ever had to cover the bumps created by a so-called “pretty belt” with your arms, a jacket, or a bag, then you know what it’s like. Once you put the InfinityBelt™ on, you’ll be much more comfortable.

Sizing Chart

Extra Small - Size 2-6 Belt Length 24.5 inches

Small - Size 6-10 Belt Length 27.5 inches

Medium - Size 10-14 Belt Length 29.5 inches

Large - Size 14-18 Belt Length 31.5 inches

XL - Size 16-18 Belt Length 35 inches

2X - Size 18-22 Belt Length 40.5 inches

3X - Size 24-28 Belt Length 43 inches